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3Di Technologies VSAT systems offer complete turnkey system solutions, including equipment delivery, installation and commissioning, satellite airtime, VoIP services, onsite after-sale technical support, and secure and non-secure operations.

3Di provides shared bandwidth solutions with low contention ratios, representing the best value for enterprise quality services for our customers. However, in the case where dedicated bandwidth is required, 3Di can design a private network with Committed Information Rates (CIR) to meet any requirement.

By using proprietary network management technology for traffic packet shaping (prioritization of different types of traffic) and network acceleration, 3Di networks stand apart from all other managed satellite services. Coupled with 3Di's ability to configure the customer's iDirect network as a shared, private, star, or mesh network, our customers never go elsewhere for their communications needs.

3Di Networks are powered by hub and modem technology from iDirect, the world leader in IP satellite network equipment. iDirect's products offer real-time traffic management, QoS, built-in encryption, automated uplink power-control, error correction (to eliminate weather-related performance network issues), central VNO network management, TCP & HTTP acceleration, built-in DNS and efficient bandwidth management and allocation.

3Di has partner Teleport locations in the following locations:

  • Fuchsstadt, Germany
  • Raisting, Germany
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Usingen, Germany
  • Mountainside, Maryland, USA
  • Brewster, Washington, USA
  • Adelaide, Australia



Information Assurance
3Di Technologies provides robust information assurance and cyber security to our customer's network management architecture, offering:

  • 3Di Teleport and site infrastructure provides industry and DoD best practice configurations
  • All equipment access, control, and authentication using TACACS+
  • Intrusion detection compliance
  • Websense server at teleports: Interacts with remote site PIX/ASA firewalls to allow/disallow access to the internet
  • Capability and certification for installation and configuration of type 1 encryption devices
  • Process control and configuration management throughout company

Network configurations and options are available upon request. Please email 3Di.Info@L3T.com for more information on which speeds and network architecture best suit your needs.

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